How Aging Beef Makes It So Much Better


It is often believed that youth is a gift of nature, but age is a work of art. In addition, change is the law of nature, and aging is an inevitable truth. However, there are some things like friends, wine, pickles and steak that always become better with the passage of time. With this in mind, steakhouses in Oklahoma City utilize the mouth-watering method of dry aging beef. This post shares with you the secret behind how aging beef develops an awesome aroma and delicious flavor.

As you  may know, dry aging is the method by which meat is processed under controlled conditions so that it develops a unique taste and aroma that no cooking technique can ever impart. The process of aging meat is packed with a lot of health benefits too. Thus it becomes both interesting and important to understand how aging beef makes it so much better in flavor and nutrition.

Increased Enzyme Activity

A fresh cut of beef no doubt has a good amount of enzymes in it, but dry aging is a process that multiplies the micro-activity of enzymes in the meat.  This in turn facilitates faster aging of beef. This particular process causes remarkable change in the meat pieces. Aging beef on one hand evaporates a good amount of moisture from the meat surface, making it more concentrated in juice, nutrition and flavor. On the other hand, aging beef enhances enzyme action that further breaks down connective tissues to make it more tender and tasty.

A Unique Taste

Confucius once rightly remarked, “Everyone eats and drinks; yet only few appreciate the taste of food.” Foodies around the world crave rich flavor and good food. Moreover, beef lovers everywhere—including the chefs at steakhouses in Oklahoma City—are familiar with the lip-smacking taste of dry aged beef.

Aged beef is full of an exquisite taste that not just tickles your taste buds but keeps on mesmerizing your senses with a great aftertaste. In contrast to a fresh cut of beef, when allowed to age under controlled conditions, dry aged beef develops a unique flavor and nice aroma. Typically, the aged beef cuts are trimmed from the upper layers and then cut into steaks according to preference. The process of aging beef thus tends to make the meat more tender in texture along with a mind-blowing taste.

Health Benefits

Since there is no denying the fact that health is wealth, food is not just a means to satisfy your hunger, but rather it is a great medium through which to intake nutrients essential for the body, mind and soul. Good nutrition requires perfect combinations of delicious flavor and wholesome ingredients.

Aging beef is a great option to choose for meals as it is packed with loads of nutrients. Moreover, the process of aging beef includes enhanced natural enzyme activity, which serves greatly to boost the nutrient content in it. Meat at room temperature can easily become spoiled and rotten, but dry aging locks the nutrition inside so that the beef, when consumed, provides great taste with ample nutrition.

A steak can be a synonym for happiness for foodies worldwide. Aging beef definitely adds to the flavor and aroma that makes steaks at steakhouses in Oklahoma City even more captivating, delicious and healthy.

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