Secrets Of Perfect Grilling

It is well said that eating is a necessity but cooking is an art. Cooking makes food not only easily digestible but also more palatable and tasty. People around the world employ different cooking styles and use a wide variety of spices as indispensable ingredients to make food irresistible. However, roasting and grilling are the cooking techniques that have gained considerable popularity worldwide.  These methods use dry heating processes for cooking meat especially in an open fire. In addition to several health benefits provided by these cooking methods, the exclusive taste that it imparts to the food is awesome.

Although grilled and roasted food is among the most sought-after food and is served in many restaurants around the world, to experience fine dining in Oklahoma City it is quite important for you to learn about some of the secrets behind perfect grilling. Reading this blog post will help you polish your grilling skills and, in turn, will let you dive into the real taste of grilled dishes anytime, anywhere.

Preparing the Meat and the Grill

Meat is surely the first and foremost ingredient needed to prepare any grilled delicacy. Thus preparing the meat nicely before putting it on the grill is rather important. Experts in cooking recommend using sea salt or freshly ground pepper blended with spices of your choice for treating raw meat. With respect to this, preparing the grill before you start cooking is also essential. For this, you need to clean the grill and then preheat it until it reaches the desired temperature. Also, proper oiling of the grill grates is a must for great grilling.

Searing the Meat

Searing the meat at a high temperature is equally essential. This increases the juiciness and flavor of the meat. Successful grilling thus considerably depends upon properly searing the meat.

Handling the Grill Properly

When experiencing fine dining in Oklahoma City, choosing grilled food is delicious and exciting. The fun multiplies when you decide to grill food for yourself. This calls for adequate care and attention, especially while you are handling the grill and cooking. Experts in grilling always recommend to go for appropriate safety measures like using tongs and a spatula while flipping the meat. Poking meat while grilling often damages it. Thus handling the meat properly is essential for great grilling.

Controlling the Heat

There are several ways in which you can regulate the temperature of the grill so that a uniform temperature is maintained throughout the process. Covering the lid of the grill more frequently and for longer times not just controls the heat inside the grill, but it also makes the meat more delicious and juicy. Thus to enjoy a mouthwatering grilled meal, all you need to do is to keep the temperature of the grill under control.

Retaining Juiciness

As you may know, resting meat for some time after grilling it not only makes it tenderer, tastier and juicier, but it also helps you taste the goodness of the meat in the healthiest way. Grilling makes use of dry heat, which helps the juices get concentrated around the center. In contrast, allowing the meat to rest for some time before serving lets the juices spread evenly throughout it.

Garnish Well

Food that looks good surely tastes good as well. People generally feel the desire to eat when a dish is attractive enough to cheer up the senses. Grilling is no doubt the best cooking technique that can work wonders for your meat, but giving the perfect finishing touch to the grilled food is indispensable. Decorating the platter with delectable dips and sauces along with a healthy choice of salads will not only make your dishes look good but make you feel good too.

Now the question arises, Why is Mahogany Prime steak better than that served at other fine dining establishments in Oklahoma City? The answer to this lies in the following points.

Perfect Age of the Meat

Grilling at Mahogany Prime is not just a process of cooking, but we also take utmost care to bring out perfect taste with great presentation of the food. Moreover, we use aged steak, which is stored at lower temperatures to keep the freshness intact.

Great Taste

The method of flash freezing that we employ to keep the meat fresher and tastier also contributes to making the food flavorful. This is what makes the Mahogany Prime steaks more awesome and delicious than others.


Mahogany Prime honors your choice of cleanliness and hygiene. Due to this, we guarantee full satisfaction to our customers even with provisions of refunding their money.

Maximum Tenderness of the Meat

It is often said that wine, meat and friends get better with the passage of time. Mahogany Prime steaks use this secret to serve you the best food on your plate. The process of aging meat by freezing it makes it more tender and tasty.

Flash Freezing Technique

Meat served at Mahogany Prime is delicious and healthy because we use the technique of flash freezing the meat. This helps in storing meat safely for longer and also adds to the excellent taste.

Hands-On Expertise

Individual attention to cutting the meat eliminates the chances of mistakes and results in just the right cut of meat being grilled and served to you. This is the most important practice that makes Mahogany Prime steaks taste extraordinarily delicious.

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