Six Steak Myths and Facts You Should Know


Steak means much more than just a slice of meat with a bone in it. In Oklahoma City, which is one of the largest livestock markets in the world, the word steak also conjures images of all the festivities and celebrations involving food. Proper shopping and prudent selection of steak cuts actually makes a huge difference in color and flavor. Any of the best steakhouses in Oklahoma City can assist you and provide cuts according to your taste and preferences. The rest of the magic lies in the technique people use for cooking steak.

This article, based upon information shared by the best steakhouse in Oklahoma City, will help you crack all of the myths about steak and replace them with helpful facts. Here are six common myths associated with steak and proper cooking techniques:


Myth: Keep flipping the steak so that it gets cooked nicely.

Fact: We strongly recommend flipping your steak just once. This not only properly and evenly cooks the meat, but it also singes the steak, thus allowing it to develop a fine crust. This crust further adds to the juiciness and makes steak ambrosial.

Standing Time

Myth: Allow the steak to sit for some time before cooking it.

Fact: There is absolutely no need to let steak sit out before cooking. A standing time allowance of 20 to 30 minutes just prior to cooking in reality makes no considerable difference to the steak’s texture. Moisture, which plays a key role in cooking and rendering flavor in any sort of meat, needs to evaporate considerably before starting the process of cooking or baking. However, browning the steak is the decisive factor for a tasty meal.


Myth: You do not need to preheat the grill or oven.

Fact: To have a uniformly cooked steak, the oven or grill should be preheated to the proper temperature. Getting the grill or oven ready is the very first step to cooking a delicious platter of steak.


Myth: Steak is ready to eat in minutes.

Fact: Letting the steak soak in a marinade for some time enhances the richness by allowing the steak to assimilate a good amount of juice evenly throughout the meat. This method takes time, but fueling up the appetite during the waiting period helps one relish the food better than anything else.


Myth: Beef is not healthy.

Fact: If left uncooked, steak—or any meat—will eventually become a haven for bacteria. The best steakhouse in Oklahoma City recommends choosing beef steak for the perfect daily dose of protein as well as folic acid, vitamin B12 and essential fatty acids. Added benefits include iron and minerals that steak delivers as a solid nutrient booster.

Salt to Taste

Myth: Add salt toward the end of the cooking process.

Fact: Steak can be cooked scrumptiously when salt is added at the beginning. Salt, as is well known, eliminates moisture from steak, and this leads to an enhanced flavor and delicious aroma. The best steakhouse in Oklahoma City suggests adding the right amount of salt to the meat—and at the right time too.

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