Tips For Preparing The Perfect Steak

Whether you are a confident cook or rarely set foot in the kitchen, you will find our tips quite helpful. These tips will not only simplify the preparation of steak, but they will also result in praise from the friends and family whom you feed.

The holiday season is here, and no time would be better than now to learn how to make steaks that taste as good as the ones from your favorite steakhouse in Oklahoma City. Without further ado, here are our tips for preparing the perfect steak.

Skip the Grocery Store and Find the Best Butcher Shop in Oklahoma City or Edmond

To say the least, the secret to all amazing food dishes is high-quality ingredients. So, when shopping for steak, it is better to avoid the grocery stores and instead find the best butcher shop in your area. In addition to getting fresh, choice cuts, you can also choose from hormone-free, grass-fed and ethically-raised options.

Choose the Right Cut for Your Style

Leaner cuts tend to lack flavor. Why not opt instead for pieces with a bit more fat to add more taste to the dish? It’s generally easier to prepare steak cuts with extra fat marbling. If you want to be more careful with your fat intake, you can choose to buy a smaller piece of steak. Thus, you need not compromise the flavor. The top chefs prefer ribeye steak for cooking up the perfect delicacy.

Start with Garlic

To season your meat, begin by cutting a garlic clove in half and rubbing it on the steak. Make sure to cover both sides as well as the edges with garlic.

Add Plenty of Salt and Pepper

After rubbing the steak with garlic, add a generous amount of salt and freshly ground black pepper. Use enough seasoning to form a light crust on every surface of the steak.

Freeze It for 45 Minutes

Do you often wonder how a master chef of an Oklahoma City steakhouse adds that perfect crispy sear to your favorite steak? What is amiss in your recipe? Well, everything has to do with the art of drying the steak. That perfectly charred crust is the handiwork of commercial broilers and grills. So, is there nothing you can do to add that same crunchiness to your homemade steak? There is something! Here’s how to do it:

Just before you grill the steak, put it in the freezer for 45 minutes. Place the unwrapped steak on a rack over a paper towel-lined baking sheet. Because the environment within a freezer is dry compared to your kitchen, the moisture inside the meat dries up quickly. The 45-minute duration is perfect for drying it up without freezing it. You can then pan-sear it right away.

Select the Right Cooking Fat

No, extra-virgin olive oil might just not be the perfect cooking medium for steak. The points against it are its low smoke point and its delicate texture, which will create more fumes than it will cook your meat properly. If you are worried about compromising the flavor, you need not be. Organic butter is a worthy replacement.

Use a Digital Meat Thermometer

The steakhouses in and around Oklahoma City take painstaking efforts to cook meat that never receives complaints of being undercooked or overcooked. If you can do the same thing in your kitchen, well, your mission of preparing the perfect steak is 90 percent accomplished.

There is no point worrying about doneness. Let technology offer you a helping hand. Add a digital meat thermometer to your Christmas list this year, or if your partner loves to cook, put one in their stocking. There’s no need to continue searching at the last minute for the perfect gift.

Use the digital meat thermometer to read the internal temperature of the steak and test for doneness. The recommended internal temperature, as well as how to properly use the digital meat thermometer, should be laid out in the instruction booklet that came with your thermometer.

Implement the Restaurant Method in your Kitchen

Replace your usual grilling session with the restaurant method and simplify your entire process. This method involves searing the steak as soon as you take it out of the freezer. If you leave the steak in the freezer too long, the outer layer will burn before the middle is done.

This cooking method is perfect for a true steak lover. The two-step method includes:

The method of preparation is as follows:

Add a Sprig of Rosemary

You could easily add the flavor of rosemary by gathering up the juices left in the pan with a sprig of rosemary and basting the steak.

Don’t Forget the Edges

After you are done with both sides of the steak, do not forget to sear the edges to perfection. For holding the steak in place, you can use a long pair of tongs.

Serve the Steak on a Warm Plate

This trick is used by the best steakhouses in Oklahoma City. They will serve the platter warm so that the efforts put into the preparation are not drained away. With the restaurant method, the temperature inside the oven is already at 3500 F. All you need to do is place the plates inside it for no more than a minute. Be careful in your selection of plate materials. Strictly avoid plastic or delicate materials like fine china. Microwave-safe dishes could be microwaved for up to one minute. And last but not least, warn your guests or family members about the warm plates.

Five-Minute Resting Period

You may be wondering about the logic behind keeping the cooked steak on the warm plate, wrapped with tin foil and left to sit for 5 minutes before serving! Well, nothing happens without a purpose. The resting period allows the hot outer layer to continue to cook the inner layer even after you have removed it from the pan. An extra 50 F of internal temperature is reached in this manner.

Another reason for the 5-minute resting time is to redistribute the juices (which have concentrated by now in the middle) evenly through the whole body of the steak. This simple trick will let you taste the juice with every bite, preventing it from spilling on the plate as soon as you cut a piece.

The Final Seasoning Session

Season the steak with basil oil. The method of preparing the basil oil is very simple. Pour some virgin olive oil on a wooden cutting board. Place a few fresh leaves of basil on the oil and chop them, and then, using the back of a fork, grind them. Lay the steak on the oil and smear both sides.

It is quite evident that you will perfect the art of cooking steak only after continuous practice. This is not a onetime attempt while hoping for the best result. As there are many occasions for steak, you will have plenty of chances to perfect your steak-making skills.

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