Where Does Lobster Come From?

A great English poet and novelist, D.H. Lawrence once remarked, “Europe’s the mayonnaise, but America supplies the good old lobster.” The world is full of different cultures and traditions that certainly influence the food and cooking habits of people around the globe. In addition, there are a lot of geographical factors that affect fine dining in Oklahoma City. Many restaurants like Mahogany Prime Steakhouse serve great lobster dishes, which are among the exclusive delicacies on the menu. It is thus very interesting to learn more about lobsters and what makes them so delicious.

Lobsters are decapods; that is, they have five sets of legs and a long, muscular tail. They live in deep burrows on the ocean floor and serve as great seafood, especially in the coastal areas. They feed on other smaller crustaceans, plants and even dead animals. One interesting feature of lobsters is that they molt, or shed their shells, to grow. Owing to this, all of them have soft and hard shell seasons, which ultimately enhances their flavor and nutrient content, making lobster a must-try dish at fine dining establishments in Oklahoma City.

Lobsters as food were historically not so popular except among the people living in areas near a seashore. Later, by the mid-19th century, it became a greatly relished seafood in North America. Since then, lobster dishes have evolved a great deal to treat your taste buds with grand flavor. Earlier, eating lobsters was considered a mark of poverty, as lobsters are something readily available in nature and were basically served to prisoners, lower members of the society and indentured servants. However, with the passage of time, lobsters became essential items on the menu to relish as part of authentic American cuisine.

Primarily the people from New York and Boston developed and enriched lobsters as food rich in taste. For a very long span of time, American lobsters were used as great fertilizer for crop fields or as fish bait, but from the 20th century onward, lobsters gained decent popularity as a staple food.

American lobster is also known as true lobster and is found along the Atlantic coast of North America. This is because lobsters generally thrive in cold, shallow waters where there are plenty of rocky features that allow ample space to hide them from predators. A lobster’s massive body makes it the heaviest of all living arthropods. Usually, American lobsters are bluish-green to brown in color, generally with red claws; however, several variations pertaining to color and features is also seen in lobsters.

The American lobster industry is a regularized one. Although fine dining in Oklahoma City is just incomplete without having a lobster meal, there are a lot of legal provisions that do not allow fishermen to catch and sell lobsters of less than the prescribed size. This is to ensure appropriate chances of growth and development for young lobsters until they reach adulthood. Moreover, certain regulations prohibit the trapping of female lobsters in order to protect them during the breeding season. The central idea behind these legal provisions is to provide for a proper management of the American lobster industry that is both sustainable and fruitful.

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