Private Dining

13665 California Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68154

Phone: 402-445-4380

Reserve A Room Menu Options

Let us host your next party or event! Our three private dining rooms can hold between 12 and 40 guests. Pre fixe menus, which run from $59.99 to $99.99 per person, feature delicious options, no matter the occasion. Service will be outstanding but provided in a casual, less intimidating fine-dining atmosphere.

The Proprietor's Room seats up to 12 guests. This private dining room features a half glass wall overlooking the production kitchen. Perfect for intimate parties, wine tastings, anniversary or birthday dinners.

The Captain's Room seats up to 20 guests. This is a truly private dining experience featuring multiple tables that give freedom for different seating configurations.

The Grand Room seats up to 40 guests. This is an attractive dining room that is separated from the main dining area by glass and can be used for large parties or separated with heavy draperies to generate two individual party rooms.

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